Monday, February 15, 2010

Snugle Fest 2010

was totally awesome.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

all the single ladies

another valentines day coming up, and i'll be single. the stets and taura parted ways, people are sending me condolences, and i just want to say it's the best thing that ever happened to me, the biggest bullet i ever dodged, a weight off my shoulders, i'm as happy as if i was in my right mind.
and valentines day is coming up, and luck would have it, i've been invited to someone's house next weekend. by a boy!!! or a man, i guess. yes, i met someone cool, awesome, amazing, talented, handsome, funny, etc. and to think that if stetson and i were together i wouldn't have had the chance to connect with this person. that's what's scary, thinking if i had lost my nerve and tried to deal with stets for longer. so do i make a card? cookies? shave my legs? we're not a couple, so i guess i'll just check all of the above. maybe he doesn't know it's valentines day.
i had two tragic stories for valentines day, humor me.

i was going to school, i had a big crush this kid i was friends with. the day before valentines day, i told him how much i had always secretly wanted a valentines day miracle. like someone surprises you with some v-day crap and tells you they like you and it's magic and the end. and guess what happens? i go to my inbox/mail cubby thing at school, and there it is: v-day crap like candy and red socks and a mini notebook with my name in stickers on it, maybe something else like a little collage card that says "be mine" or some such item. CLOUD 9! he liked me, and took my hint about the valentines day miracle coming true, and i couldn't wait to find him. i gathered up all my treasures and went to the photo lab to find him, and i saw my friend naomi right away. "oh, you found the presents i got for you!" and i don't remember if i was gracious or thankful, or if i started crying or what. the lab saw a lot of my emotions, of everyone's. my dear friend had decided to do something sweet for me, not the spray paintin' hip hoppin' 20-something dork i thought was worth it. i was sad, and like to tell this story about failed v-day miracles. people like it because it's so tragic.

tragic story #2 is so tragic, i think it needs proper introduction, and i have to go now.
ciao, muthas

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a client of mine was having trouble printing a photo at walgreens, so i called a couple walgreens to ask them what kind of things would be problematic for their kiosks. BIG MISTAKE. they are idiots and told me these helpful hints.
1)my clients needs a release form to get the photos printed.
2)the files can only be jpgs. "it's a very common type of file, it's j-p-e-g"
3)sometimes, and we don't know why, the files will save as a tiff or giff or something else.
4)the dvd wasn't finished burning
and if nothing seems to work, maybe i could find a smart nephew to help.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Parties, Jackets and Cats

holy crap, where do i get all this energy to party? oh simply borrow it from tomorrow. had to take an emergency nap today to try to normalize after last night, did some band photos and then was viciously corralled into drinking more. i'm crossing my fingers about the posed ones, have no hopes for the live ones. keep remembering someone else i talked to last night when i went to the bourbon and watched bands. i know, i didn't think i did that anymore either. i remember when i was fun and not lame. saw a band which is either a band that i know or a group of dudes who play musical chairs and change members with the day of the week, either way was glad not to see that one idiot ex in the line-up.
still thinking about winter and how to avoid it's effects, cuz it's been getting colder, like it always does. earlier this week stetson and i went on a nice ride, though the ride back after the sun went down was so freaking cold, it wasn't even funny. i decided that i finally need to get a riding jacket, and have been debating for days about which one. should i go with the leather or textile version? or the other one? stetson is tired of the subject. but it's so exciting, can't wait to order and get my sweet non-retail dealer price:))) went to el chaparro for lunch with stetson today, we finally split the fajitas, they were good, and a great deal for two people with reasonable appetites to share. please alert the press with that one.
bill and xana need hobbies. cuz they are bugging the crap out of me. they just lose their toys under the couch, and that's always a depressing place to retrieve them. the only toy they don't manage to lose is this stupid shakey plastic ball that they've pulled all the yarn covering off into a foot long tangled mess that hangs on by a piece of glue. i finally decided that if they lose their toys, then they can get them themselves. i lifted up the couch and see one of their favorite toys, and bill runs under there to get it. he comes out with a sucker and i take it away from him and make xana go under there to and get the toy, and she comes out with a dentapick. dang it cats, don't you know you're supposed to do what i tell you? i finally get the toy for them, but bill is already fiercely playing with the sucker, like eyes wild and ears back and trying to tear it apart. now they're playing with the jingle ball toy, i expect to hear it stop jingling any minute now when it goes under the couch. you think they'd learn, but no. they jump up on my chair and squeak and meow (which is really cute) and push their way onto my lap because they want to help me type. sometimes i imagine there is evolution going on and they'll imitate me, like typing my emails or using the toilet. but i'm not holding my breath as they always chase the laser pointer. NO MATTER WHAT.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

good bye summer!
so dark in the morning, needing jackets in the evening, last state fair in lincoln - (bozo has been replaced by "SNAPS", a more polite dunk-tank clown), wedding season slowing down, thinking about oatmeal instead of mini spooners, shop is slowing down, school has started for kids.
for all the love and attention i gave my garden, this is what i get in return:
5 tomatos, two zuchini, buckets of cucumbers (tired of them after 2 weeks of all cuc recipes), and about 3 weeks of good salad greens. now there's about 15 green tomatos on the vine, who knows if they'll ever ripen before the frost or they just go bad.
the worst thing about looking at winter from a season away, is the light.
things to look forward to are the pumpkins. and apple cider at arbor lodge, and soup night!!! and i always love thanksgiving and the holiday season. close-out catalogs for motorcycle stuff (the clothes, i'm gonna get a nice jacket and boots finally), and blankets.
i'm going to make a winter survival guide for people who look at winter with dread (Ok, i'm making it for myself, it may apply to other people) with all sorts of great tips and hints.
first thing to do is get these with galoshes:

Friday, August 14, 2009

ball of stress

maybe i need to bring my minispooners (generic mini frosted shredded wheats) to work with me so i never have to be sad/hungry again. or maybe i need to go to bed earlier or do things right now instead of last minute. and maybe i should be rich.
ms. xanadu weatherbyyes, i set up a backdrop and made my kitties pose for me.

Monday, August 10, 2009

today i bought my first bottle of perfume. so now i'm becoming an old lady! oh well. i had a crap ass day, super behind on photos and stuff, need to stay up late and get things done. NOT drink beer with friends.