Thursday, January 04, 2007

bye sf

see everyone on the other side of the hole

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year in Review

WOW!! So, what are you doing on New Years Eve? Yeah, I don't know either. For now you can look at this awesome blog featuring my thoughts on things that happened in 2006, and a few predictions.


the Alchemist-this was hokey, plain and simple. With fakey symbolism and myths, even thinking about how to describe it irritates me. It was really popular among housewives, written to make them feel all deep and intelligent. The only redeeming thing about the book is how it emphasizes the importance of following through with your personal dream, though it's described as your "Personal Legend". Kill me please.

Idiots Guide to World War 1-I really liked this book, it's perfect bedtime reading. You can read little interesting chunks that are interesting enough to entertain, yet sustained reading is boring enough to put you to sleep. Then you have crazy dreams about trenches and the Great Wheel.


Old Time Radio-this is the best ever. Go to your itunes radio and look under talk/spoken word and check out "Mystery Play I-Radio", "AM 1710 Antioch OTR", "ACB Radio Treasure-Trove" and you can listen to great old time radio 24 hours a day. When I was little, every Sunday night I had to tune my clock radio to some AM station to get only an hour of programming. Now, it's like a dream come true. After listening to old time radio programs for a while, you realize how actors today don't master their voices like they used to. And this is a fact. I wish someone was still doing radio dramas, but the only people who do good voices are commercial voice-overs and people who make audio books.

Technicolor Web of Sound- a m a z i n g. 60's and 70's psychcadelic rock, though sometimes they slip in some Monkees songs. They also have old commercials that blow your mind, like Tim Leary talking about acid and Janice Jopplin making a Levis commercial.


Olives-Olives have been a hit all through the years, and that didn't change in 2006.

Leafy Greens-They're great, all the different kinds. Russian red kale, regular kale, mustard greens, spinach, collard greens, it's all good. And so easy to make.

Brie-You don't love brie? Give me a break. Get out of here.


Shoes-You can still tell if you want to date a guy or not by his shoes. You have to be careful though, the good styles are becoming more poplular with people you may not want to date. You just have to refine and define what kind of shoes are ok.

Olives-Be suspicious of someone who is over 8 years old and does not like olives. If they don't like olives, chances are they don't like alot of good things that you like including garlic, gin, and crafts.


Bad Friends- cut-it-out!! Cut your "bad friends" out of your life, cuz bad friends are just enemies in disguise. And you don't need to waste any of your time trying to do that old saying, "the easiest way to get rid of your enemy is to make them your friend." When people close to you stop respecting you, make you feel low and like there's something wrong with you, cut-it-out. It's hard enough to keep afloat without trying to battle some asshole pushing your head underwater. The hardest part is to hold onto your decision when they pretend they're nice people and you want to trust them again. It's ok to be civil to them, but don't start spilling your guts cuz that's when they'll turn around and hand you a shit sandwich. Be nice, but remember, cut-it-out!

Keep-It-Moving: My friend Kevin asked me if I'd heard the phrase "keep it moving" one day when I spent about 45 minutes getting worked up about some ex-boyfriend. "When it comes to your past, remember that it's ok to look, but impolite to stare. Keep it moving." This is excellent advice, and good words to tell yourself every so often.


Britney Spears- She did some embaressing stuff, and had a couple of babies with a fucking idiot, but so what. Who hasn't done things that are better forgotten? As long as I don't have to think about how stupid she is, I like her. She's trashy, but at least she's not trying to rap.

Paris Hilton- I can't wait for her to die in 2007.

Mission Celebs- Chris McVicker brought up how much he hates Mission Celebs, and I had never thought of it that way. There's all these people here in San Francisco's Mission District who think they're sumptin' else! People who think they're really cool always get stuck in my craw, no matter if they're cool or not. Get over yourself. You are not a real celeb.

Legolas- Word, he still rules. Notice how he runs.


2006 saw continued interest in the internet, and it's still a cool place to hang out and waste time.


War still rages on and on, it's not a popular thing to be a part of now or ever.


Green Street Hooligans- This was a terrible movie, the Hobbit was in it and it was really hard to believe he was an English FootBall Hooligan and could beat anyone up. But the guy he played opposite of was really hot, I felt the same kind of guilt liking him as liking Edward Norton in American History X.

Pursuit of Happyness- It was not uplifting like some people said, I felt all nauseous when it was over because I had spent the entire movie worrying about my own monetary problems. Even though it turned out ok in the movie, I think Will Smith took irresponsible risks with his family's well-being to follow a few pipe-dreams. This is an unpopular opinion I'm sure.

In short, 2006 did not live up to my expectations, but that's cuz I had high expectations for 2006 just like you have high expectations for the 4th of July and New Years Eve. But don't worry, 2007 is going to be a nice year, full of vegetables and friends and money and good luck.