Wednesday, May 16, 2007

happy b-day me!!

now watch this one for the wrap up.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

and i quote

"he better thank his lucky stars for the day he got that girl pregnant."

Monday, May 14, 2007

sioux falls!

wooo hooo!
i think i may have got some good photos at least, memories. memories of champ pain shaking her money maker, check back for it and be amazed.
i wish i could just say all sorts of stuff taht's on my mind, but because of the 3 people who ever check this blog, i can't won't shouldn't couldn't will never say who i'm mad at, or what joint is currently injured, or what boy i like, or what interesting thing i did the night before.
chris mcv just sent me a mix tape, i think i mentioned it already, and i can't express how much it rules. when we got into the van to drive to sioux falls, i wanted to kick myself cuz the van had a tape player and i didn't bring my only tape i have anymore!
ok, i'll say something i hate and not say names, but i hate people who you can't say one thing without them saying some smart ass remark back. like, maybe you're trying to joke around or be funny or not even that interesting, and they have to make a comment that is not funny or joking or whatevs, but is maybe meant to show how clever they are, or how much more smart they are than you or try to shut you down or something. i don't get it. why? i like to attribute this special quality to them being insecure or wanting to impress me, but i don't know. maybe some people are just jerks naturally and don't even think about it.
i would also like to say that every guy i've had a crush on since i moved back in january (only 2 fellas) has failed to meet my expectations. not that i think they're bad, just not who i thought they were, as i'm over whatever i thought was so cool about them in the first place.
today was mother's day, or i guess technically yesterday. tasha and i got our mom a flask with "mom" and two clinking martini glasses engraved on it, it looks great. she's not a lush though. swear.