Thursday, April 06, 2006

more livingston.

Monday, April 03, 2006

lago atitlan, guatemala

tasha and i are in san pedro la laguna, on the shores of lago atitlan in guatemala. it's a beautiful little town with a nice climate and views of cloud forests and a volcano, and filled with mayans and hippies, though the hippies are slowly accumulating their own collection of authentic mayan gear. TRIBAL. there are so many hippies in this town, that one can be charmed on every corner by a talented band of street musicians. bongos, didgeridoos, clarninets and flutes can be heard when the sun starts to set. we saw one group of musicians sitting respectfully out of range of a store with a giant bongo painted on the wall, a giant red X through it. they must hate fine music there. we're staying with a family who rents out a room in their house by the lake and some stinky bony sorry looking ponies. yesterday the wife, nacha, dressed us up in traditional mayan clothes in hopes that we'd buy the skirts and stuff, or maybe it is a conspirancy to turn us into hippies like the rest of the town. on that note, i lost my favorite tie-dye t-shirt a few towns ago! wah! i only had two. i'll probably spot one of these folks here walking around with it on, with a thick coat of hippy juice on it, rendering it uninhabitable for all but hippies and gutter punks.