Monday, February 15, 2010

Snugle Fest 2010

was totally awesome.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

all the single ladies

another valentines day coming up, and i'll be single. the stets and taura parted ways, people are sending me condolences, and i just want to say it's the best thing that ever happened to me, the biggest bullet i ever dodged, a weight off my shoulders, i'm as happy as if i was in my right mind.
and valentines day is coming up, and luck would have it, i've been invited to someone's house next weekend. by a boy!!! or a man, i guess. yes, i met someone cool, awesome, amazing, talented, handsome, funny, etc. and to think that if stetson and i were together i wouldn't have had the chance to connect with this person. that's what's scary, thinking if i had lost my nerve and tried to deal with stets for longer. so do i make a card? cookies? shave my legs? we're not a couple, so i guess i'll just check all of the above. maybe he doesn't know it's valentines day.
i had two tragic stories for valentines day, humor me.

i was going to school, i had a big crush this kid i was friends with. the day before valentines day, i told him how much i had always secretly wanted a valentines day miracle. like someone surprises you with some v-day crap and tells you they like you and it's magic and the end. and guess what happens? i go to my inbox/mail cubby thing at school, and there it is: v-day crap like candy and red socks and a mini notebook with my name in stickers on it, maybe something else like a little collage card that says "be mine" or some such item. CLOUD 9! he liked me, and took my hint about the valentines day miracle coming true, and i couldn't wait to find him. i gathered up all my treasures and went to the photo lab to find him, and i saw my friend naomi right away. "oh, you found the presents i got for you!" and i don't remember if i was gracious or thankful, or if i started crying or what. the lab saw a lot of my emotions, of everyone's. my dear friend had decided to do something sweet for me, not the spray paintin' hip hoppin' 20-something dork i thought was worth it. i was sad, and like to tell this story about failed v-day miracles. people like it because it's so tragic.

tragic story #2 is so tragic, i think it needs proper introduction, and i have to go now.
ciao, muthas

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a client of mine was having trouble printing a photo at walgreens, so i called a couple walgreens to ask them what kind of things would be problematic for their kiosks. BIG MISTAKE. they are idiots and told me these helpful hints.
1)my clients needs a release form to get the photos printed.
2)the files can only be jpgs. "it's a very common type of file, it's j-p-e-g"
3)sometimes, and we don't know why, the files will save as a tiff or giff or something else.
4)the dvd wasn't finished burning
and if nothing seems to work, maybe i could find a smart nephew to help.