Friday, March 07, 2008

"a puppy is not a motorcycle"

adam2000 said this at work today. i spend too much time at work, and it's cuz i'm too honest. i tried to explain it to nolan, like this: if i check my myspace, i don't count it in my hours (we keep track of our own hours). same as when i take a lunch or answer my own emails, i subtract it from my hours. since it's my own time, and i don't feel guilty about wasting my boss' money, i do as i please, and next thing you know i've talked to my mom for a half hour and worked on derby stuff for an hour. bla. and i come home and work on derby stuff or my own business stuff, and then it's time to sleep and all the interaction i've had with people is at work or derby, and next thing you know i'm a boring person...

i'm feeling melancholy right now, it's pretty boring. i have all these important things to do, and i'm not really doing them. i'm having trouble staying focused. i'm listening to kzum, and the guy said it's a snow storm outside. what! i just got home, and there was no snow... but sure enough in these few hours the snow started falling, and now it's back to winter time. i knew i should have taken the bike today, but i'm afraid of the cold. one day it was like 10 degrees out, but it was the first day in a while with minimal ice on the ground, so i HAD to ride my bike to work. and when i got to work, i was so cold that i was nauseous for half the day. it sucked, and now i don't want to ride unless it's above freezing when i start out. because no matter what, it might be nice when you start out, but then by the time you get ready to go home it's dark and waaaay colder. and i'm scared to ride on solid ice, i already know i'll just wipe out. so i drive, and i hate driving. some of my friends ride all winter long, even when it's dark and waaaaay cold. i became too much of a bay area girl to do that anymore. wonder when i'll be a nebraska girl again, totally fine with the winter being as long as it is.
i'm getting closer and closer to buying a house, i can almost taste it! my goal is to have one in time to plant a garden. can't wait!!
here's the poster i made for the derby battle of the bands, nolan said it looks like porn.

get here faster summer!!