Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the derby programs are finally finished. not printed, cuz that's not my responsibility thank goodness. but they're laid out and lookin good, and now i can get some rest.
sometimes i lay in bed and think about all the things i have to do, and it sucks. i wonder why i didn't take the baby steps that make up the larger steps that get me closer to my goals, the baby steps that i set out to take for that day, and it makes me feel terrible. i like to make up different slogans to help me with things, motivation is a big one. staying cheerful is another. unless you're in my family, i probably don't talk to you when i'm cranky, and so you would have NO IDEA that i'm not my usual wonderful self ALL THE TIME! i know, it's hard to believe.
on monday at derby practice, i took a momentous hit when i was jamming. like, flying through the air sideways and then landing on the shoulders. but my fingers came first, and now my middle left finger is a monsterous purple sausage. i have to ice it all day and it's difficult to type.
tasha's b-day party was grrreat last weekend, at the after party at her house we danced and danced. i got to pull out all the sweet moves i practice by myself and even learned some new ones... conrad showed me how to salsa! well, he tried. i'd be trying so hard to do the steps, and then he'd be like, "NO! NO SAN FRAN!" i'm not sure what he means by that, i don't think my booty moves are a sf thing. he thinks tons of stuff i do or say that he's never heard about are san fran things. oh that connie. so no rump shakin' in salsa. or something... earlier when it was a bunch of derby girls dancing together, there was some nerd that no one knew trying to get in on the action. we just kept shutting him out, and he finally went over to conrad and said, like, dude to dude, "these o'rourkes girls, they dance like that but they don't put out. they're just a bunch of teases." !!! i know! what an idiot! but i forget that's the message guys get when there's booty dancing going on, they see it as a direct invitation to hump. i guess that's the point of booty dancing most of the time. but really sometimes you're just having fun.
my finger really hurts now, from all this typing.
these photos were taken with my holga on the awesome camping trip i went on with my mom last summer.

Sunday, November 04, 2007