Thursday, March 15, 2007


spring break 07 here i come! well, not exactly... more like society of photographic educators national convention. which is more fun anyways! i heart spe. i just want to say that in the last few days i got 4 emails from my top fav sf boys- ted, nick, mcvick, and rickard in the last few days. i expect the messages to landslide during the next few days when the city's boys as a whole realize they miss me. to be honest tho, ted has been good at keepin in touch, rickard is from sweden(and is home safely), nick emailed me with my hacked website after i called him, and mcvick and i always talk via myspace. BUT STILL! it feels good to be in contact with the life that i left behind for this life i'm living now. ellie sent me a movie too, i will watch it enroute to miami. oh! and dax wouldn't approve my video response i left concerning his TV appearance, because of profanity. oh that dax!
oh that blogger, it's not letting me upload photos right now for some reason... later dudes!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

room tour

check out my room!
i have a few more thoughts on dax flame. what ever is happening on his blog, as in if it's fake or real, rest assured something very special is going on. either he's acting and just happens to be a freaking child prodigy, or it's sincere and a strange kid is slowly finding an equilibrium and entering of the human race. (he has improved since the first blog) what ever side it's on, i hope the best for dax flame and hope he reaches the stars.