Monday, October 16, 2006

a boy just walked out of one of my room-mates rooms just now, but he was cool and waved at me while i was trying to take a photo of something in my mouth. sometimes you get all mommed-out and if the boy can't make conversation or be a gentleman, he looses points. well, this one smiled and waved and left, and i ran to the window to see which bus stop he was going to, so maybe i could glean some info about him. where did he go? where is he? holy shit! homie has a car! a nice one too! not only is he cute and polite, but he has a car. i barely know anyone with a car here in sf, like 2 people. not joking. anyhoo... yesterday at work i needed something on the top shelf in the back room, and had to stand on a bunch of boxes because i couldn't find the step ladder. the box was all wobbly and squishy, and i was afraid it was going to make me fall, so i jumped off and squished the box more. later, i heard my boss getting mad in the back, and after 2 seconds, i realized i broke about $150 of biscotti when i stood on that box. oops. "wow, that's too bad." i said, "they should really pack that stuff better."