Thursday, September 04, 2008

waste of time

25 things i could have done tonight besides play Mobsters

1)make a nice blog instead of a crappy list
2)do the dishes
3)make a lunch for tomorrow
4)fold my laundry
5)process derby photos
6)process nebraska photos
7)process state fair photos
8)make art
9)work on wedding albums
10)write emails to the zillion people i need to write to
11)snuggle with the stets (but we talked about Mobsters on the phone instead of hanging out!!! lame!)
12)deposit my paychecks
13)get my photo gear ready for tomorrow
14)read my readers digest condensed novels
15)call my mom
16)work on my website with molly
17)look for a new job
18)organize my desk
19)pay my bills
20)sit ups
21)hang out with someone
22)organize the photos i'm bringing to jen's class next week
23)make a zine
25)ANYTHING besides the time sucking activity i partook in.

and then literally 5 hours later i stand up to stretch and look around, and hey! there's a room behind me! a real world! i may not own six pump action shotguns or 4 restaurants that earn me $3650 every hour, but there's all this stuff which is actually real and i spent all evening doing absolutely nothing! dang, wouldn't i much rather messed around with all my crappy real stuff than stare at a computer screen and pretend i'm a bad ass mobster who has lots of money and guns? i'm not bad ass at all. that was lame, and i am ashamed of myself. this happens to me frequently, getting sucked into someone's blog, youtube, myspace, flickr, shopping for clothes and photo gear, etc etc... i'm going to be good for a while now, swear!!