Saturday, December 29, 2007

yesterday at work, the boss was away all day long. strangely, he was not answering his emails, and we speculated on what he does at home all day. i got up out of my faux-ergonomic chair and demonstrated what i imagine he does on a day of hookey, "he smokes cigars in his boxer shorts, and walks around conducting a philadelphia brass cd."

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a year ago i was shitting my pants on venice beach, (didn't i tell you that?) on my magical swedish christmas date with rickard and his friends. i had food poisoning OK!! we left the egg nog out all night and drank it the next afternoon, but i was the only one who got sick. i didn't want to tell anyone about it, and it suuucked. i left my swedish meatball a few days later when i moved back to ne, but he's still cute as ever and having a great christmas. merry christmas rickard!!
and merry christmas everyone, i hope you had as great of a christmas as i have- great family, good friends, good food, plenty of booze, cute boys, and of course great presents.