Monday, December 18, 2006

rickard, the swede, who was completely blown away when i started talking swedish to him yesterday at golden gate park.
"yes, poop, drawer. you are cute." actually, i don't think i said "you are cute", because even though i know it (and a few other things bad people have taught me), i was too embarrassed.
we went to the deyoung, it was awesome. someone said it's better than the moma, and i'm almost about ready to agree. we looked at the gee's bend quilts, and i snuck a few photos because they were so awesome. the pink and red drawing/painting is by ruth asawa, the main part of her work was these hanging woven wire sculptures that i wasn't able to sneak a photo of. the last is from the best of the bay party at club six last september.

x-cellent x-mas parties

stage dancers!
nick with the polaroid that aeschleah took of us
taura and lynda!
sister saki tumi!
from the good vibes party


get it? like "ideas" but with the word "eye" for "i" because it's about eyes. ideas about make-up on eyes. i got a bunch of eyeshadow at the make-up convention. for free!!