Saturday, April 29, 2006

what do you want to be when you grow up?

how about a beautiful french family that travels around the world together?

tasha is in the trenches, as in tutoring in the schools now. every day there are more stories about the kids than i can remember, but here´s a summary of a story that she read to a class the other day.

so there´s a french guy who comes to nicaragua and falls in love with this beautiful woman. they get married, and have a baby girl. he gets sick and goes to managua to go to the doctor, and then dies. the nica woman doesn´t know what happened to him, and ends up dying of a broken heart, leaving the baby in care of some guy. since the french guy was really rich, the baby girl got all the money. the guy who was taking care of her was in charge of the money, but guess what, he was a bad man. he wanted the money so bad that when she was 5 or so, he started telling her all these terrible stories about the house they lived in, ghost stories, to try to scare her to death. and it worked, she ended up dying of fright. she was buried on top of a hill by the villagers. the guy gets all the money and goes around spending it, and then the town starts getting suspicious about her death, and when they realize that he killed her, they lynch him and kill him. everyone loved the little girl and her grave turned into a shrine and becomes famous. not long later, a crocodile gets in the lake near the village, and everyone´s really scared of it. so this guy from the village goes to the girl´s grave and makes a pledge to kill the crocodile if she´ll help him, and he´ll give her the tail. he ends up getting the crocodile and is holding it´s head on a stake, and then the head looks at him and says, ¨i love the virgen mary¨nd the guy drops the head because he knows it was the dead girls spirit and the head swims away. so after that, everyone loved the girl´s grave even more.
the end.

tasha said the kids loved the story.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

granada, nicaragua

hello everyone, as you may all know, i´m in granada, sweating my balls off. it´s great. you take a shower twice a day, you´re sticky, you´re tired all day, your clothes are contantly damp from sweat, and it´s barely bareable at night. there´s no ac anywhere, you don´t speak spanish well enough to do much, and 75% of the guys are sleazy. battle loosing your voice, having a cough, cracked heels, food poisening manifesting itself as the ´rhea or vomiting, and i´m sure there´s other stuff i just can´t remember. i´m a little cranky because of the heat, and now i find out that the cost to change my ticket home is the cost of a new ticket. just a little cranky. i want to go back to san pedro! oh well. bla bla bla. gonna go sweat somewhere else.

pepito, from panama