Monday, November 14, 2005

no news is good news...

sort of.
just when i decide to abandon the dating thing and just be a passive hater, treat street becomes the most romantic place and i'm having my first kiss with the hot guitarist from the just-for-fun-band i'm in. i better get real good at drums quick, cuz dude knows every single hot lick ever. he has longer hair than me! but he just barely won, remember when i had that gnarly hair that went down to my butt crack? look at him rocking out with the hair:

ted and i volunteered for a hardware store run last weekend, which included 12 48"flourescent bulbs. i had a 50lb fart fan and some mouse traps in my bag, but it was teddy who turned heads as we rode our bikes home from discount builders supply. ted looks like an extreme sports dude in this was KILLER.

a little late, but here is what i saw from the doorway at work of the protest a few weeks ago where some teenagers were arrested and hurt by police for laying in the street and stuff. this line of police lasted for 10 minutes. i always get a little scared of police.