Wednesday, August 15, 2007

derby down the river...

a month ago or so, the ncdg all went up to valentine to camp and go tubing down the niobrara. it was so awesome, even despite the drama.

i wish i was there now, floating on down with good people, drinking beers and making fun of all the boys on the side of the river. they waited in droves, these teenage to young 20something boys, waiting for girls to float on by in their bikinis. and they'd whoop and holler and try to get them to pull over and party with them. the little floatilla i was in, me, my sister molly, silvia bullet and shiv, floated on by one group of dudes who must not of been having much luck, and about 4 or 5 of them were standing in the middle of the river. so when we get close, they start cheering and telling us how pretty we are and how much they want to know us, and we just laughed and said hi and no we don't want to get to know them, bye. and one guy got crazy and did a backflip onto our cooler in the middle of our floatilla,(a floatilla is a group of tubes attached together.) and he's kicking around and spilling beer and all his buddies are cheering him on and we push him off. then, all his dudes are like, "yeah! take that girls! haaaa!" and high fiving like someone made a good point, and we look and see that it's not only the 4 or so dudes in the water, there's a dozen more up on the banks standing in a row looking down at us. it's too funny not to say anything, so we say, "i'm not surprized it's just you dudes up there!" "yeah, where's all the girls? you're just a bunch of dudes hanging out together!" and then they get this confused look on their faces and start to look around them like they were gonna see a bunch of chicks with them. but there were no chicks, just 20 dudes drinking beer in their underwear together, having a great time. and they seemed so disappointed that they went from cool dudes partying on the niobrara to a slippery wet homo-fest in the blink of an eye, that we couldn't help but keep it going. "gonna have a little sword fight tonight?" "have fun with your circle jerk, boys!" "bye! sleep tight in your little tents!" and the boys started booing us as we floated away, with one who pulled his shorts down and shook his paperwhite ass at us, totally proving us wrong. i had the worrrrrst sun burn ever, but i'd do it again.

more photos can be seen here

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

this is from dwight nebraska, they like america and god.

Monday, August 13, 2007

went back to fortune palace with big c and he let me order anything i wanted-ladies, take note, even pop! and once again we saw this amazing poster which brought back memories. last time we were here, a little 7 or 8 year old black kid with an all white family had some valuable advice:
"if you ever go to china and see one of those guys walking around," he points to a poster on the wall "DON'T follow him!"
as we remembered this the second time, reliving details like the fat all white family, big c (he wants me to call him that) and i both remembered this, at the same time:

"DON'T follow him."