Saturday, March 10, 2007

dax flame

dax flame! is it real, or isn't it? when flavor of love was on, michelle (ted's girlfriend) was convinced that new york was a performance artist, and the most brilliant one at that. it's like saying that new york is so crazy that it has to be an act, no one could actually be that crazy. would you act like that? no, but you you also wouldn't kidnap, rape and torture someone and keep them in a box under your bed until they die 40 years later. or at least i hope you wouldn't. but there are people out there that do, just like there's people out there that act like new york, and people out there who have tantrums and make great jokes on their video blog. it's a stretch i know, comparing making video blogs to murder, but this is how i come to conclusions about things. so what i'm saying is that there very well could be a lonely socially awkward teenager who makes painfully honest video blogs as a way to communicate with the outer world. word! but is it real? i don't know, and i don't know if i really care, because i want the videos to keep coming and keep abreast of dax flame's trials and tribulations. but the one where he has his study buddy over and freaks out, makes me think f-a-k-e. if dax is faking the whole thing, he's a DAMN good actor, like tops. but his friend jacob isn't. jacob's fakeness is the clincher, it's still a good blog, but feels more like a skit than truth. decide for yourself:

here's one called cool moves, it's his 2nd motion picture. are you ready for them? i don't think you are.

here's the study session i talked about.

"Two straight and unadorned columns stood on either side of the entrance, which opened, at first sight, like a single great arch; but from the columns began two embrasures that, surmounted by other, multiple arches, led the gaze, as if into the heart of the abyss, toward the doorway itself, crowned by a great tympanum, supported on the sides by two imposts and in the center by a carved pillar, which divided the entrance into two apertures protected by oak doors reinforced in metal."

holy run on sentences batgirl! now, i will admit that "the name of the rose" by umberto eco is actually much more interesting than i remembered from years ago, but passages like this cause my eyes to glaze over and decide it's time to go to sleep. this is what happened last night, i read that sentence and turned off the light, and tonight i read the sentence again and wanted to turn off the light. it's magic. but i had to drag myself out of bed and do this before i forgot.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

derby derby derby derby.
i've got derby fever, though it sort of feels like the flu. go to sleep thinking about practice, dream about derby, wake up and think about derby. it feels like when i was a teenager discovering punk music: you want to devote every waking hour to everything punk and could care less about anything that isn't. maybe i should start a derby zine:)
but i did take the sodoku challenge after a brief hiatus, it's difficult to think about numbers when you're hung over. balls. instead of sodoku, i've been reading the US magazine that lizzy gave me. when my lack of popular culture (i guess that's what it's called) became shockingly real, as in me not knowing any stars or shows, she popped into my room and said, "this is to fill that black void with some information about the world." oh that lizzy! i usually feel too busy to devote much time to tv or watching movies, but i can always find time for i love new york. it's getting down to the wire folks, and it's going to get gooood! this show is almost perfect. for it to be perfect, it needs to be reno 911. now that's a show.
this is a photo of the golden gate fields' restroom, my dear friend nick worked there. i loooove to watch those ponies run.

Monday, March 05, 2007

sometimes i have to do a film developing blitz, gathering up all the random rolls hanging around my room, and see what i got. there's photos i remember taking, and then that is it. i'll wonder what ever happened to that picture, and when i develop the film, i find it. and discover it was a great photo, and i shot another photo over it by accident. dang. finding alot of photos of taka, miss that guy more than i should.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

about a week ago, i had to do one of those dreadful things... the unmentionable. no, not take a dump in the toilet bowl, taking a dump on someone's feelings.
and my satellite ears overheard him comiserating with some gals who i'm sure were only too happy i'd passed on the fellow, he said, "i guess i'm just not her type." (or something to that effect, this is 2nd hand eaves dropping after all). when i heard that, i was like, "what? i never said that!" cuz i didn't, i said other stuff. but maybe he's not, and we all should just assume that when we get dumped we're just not that person's type. in one way or another.
this is how it'd go:
"yeah, i guess you're just not my type."
"what is your type then?"
"girls who only eat hamburgers and don't make me call them back."
"oh... yeah, i guess you're not my type either."
"oooh really? what's your type then?"
"guys who don't have raging ringworm and chronic unemployment."
"ha, fuck you."
"fuck you too."
"see you at pops."

for some reason i have a pile of glow sticks on my desk.