Thursday, April 17, 2008

new blog

adam 2000 and i have started a new blog, called "spam-asides"
i know this sounds like it's going directly against my last post about overcoming my addiction to the internet, but it's not. i promise.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ack. i realize now that i'm addicted to the internet. it sucks. and i don't really do anything productive either. it sucks. but you know what sucks more? this spoken word crap on krnu, our college radio station. sorry. and the steps i'm going to take to fix my internet addiction are thusly:
1)remind myself that no one has messaged me on myspace in the last 5 minutes since i last checked.
2)remind myself that i don't need to watch another youtube video.
3)remind myself that unless i'm ACTUALLY planning on buying more photo gear, i don't need to troll around b&h, calumet, etc...
4)remind myself that i'm never going to buy clothes off the internet (never have, either) so it's pointless to look at the fashion shopping places.
5)remind myself that trolling around flickr isn't artistic research. in fact, today i re-wrote my bio for the place i work at, and i listed some of the things i enjoy, you know, "In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, riding my bike and making art." but you know what? i haven't been doing those things (except ride my bike), i don't crochet, draw, sew, work on my "real" art, etc etc... i abuse the internet. and that makes me mad. when i wrote this at work, and realized that i'm CHEATING myself out of a good life because of the youtube, the flickr, the shopping sites, the blogs i keep up on, etc. and that makes me mad.
6)and biggest of all, remind myself that this all makes me mad.

on this note, good night.