Wednesday, May 07, 2008

a little history...

the original function of this blog, was to help myself get over an ugly dude who blew me off. i was not going to be a hater, i was going to move on and be a dater. how i was going to do this, was go on blind dates obtained through craigslist, then let people vote who had the "better" emails and see which un-lucky fellow i should go on a heavily documented date with. and then i'd post photos and anecdotes from the date. so i posted an ad, and sifted through the douche bags looking for someone interesting. there was one this one dude i liked, he played in a metal band in the 80's that only my friend ross knew about. ONLY ross knew about them. at the exact same time, my friend eli asked me to drum in a band, which is hilarious, cuz i don't know how to drum worth shit, but i went to one practice. the other guy in the band was this japanese guitar hero named taka, who only listened to ac/dc. he knew some hot licks. but this is all happening at the exact same time... so the metal guy invited me to come watch his Ozzy Osborne cover band play at an A's game during half time the next sunday. and taka asked me to come to his birthday bbq that same sunday!!! so i had to make a decision, taka, or this other guy. well, we all know what happened, or at least you should by whose name i remember. and then, taka and i were together and the function of this blog was completed. i became a dater, and not a hater, but i just kept writing about stuff and posting photos and trying to be funny or something.

but, i don't talk about my romantic involvements on the blog. not only are they few and far between, but it just wouldn't be right. first of all, it's none of your business! second, what if the dude read it? third, i don't need people knowing how crazy i am. i am a great girlfriend (if i do say so myself) but can really "girl-out" in the beginning. do i call again today, or should i wait till tomorrow? maybe he's emailed in the last 5 minutes? better check. "girling-out" is that mindless freakout state where i can't control myself about wondering what's going on and if i've ruined it by two too closely spaced text messages, or a grievously short myspace message, or what have you. it's nonsense, and i become a ball of nerd. luckily, it only lasts for a week, and then i'm fine as long as the dude isn't too much of a chump. him being a chump only prolongs this stage for me. lincoln seems to be full of douche-bags, or guys who are in the friend zone for one reason or another. so i'm always really amazed when i meet someone who catches my attention. and then floored when i realize they don't deserve my attention. ack. but that's the way things go, right? i wonder what the percentage of relationships that are ended through the death of one person? because, how many relationships really "work out"? they may work out for a while, or longer, or 40 years, but people still split up after a long time. so, i know... the value and success of a relationship shouldn't be determined by how long it lasts, or if it lasts for the rest of someone's life. but that's what we all kind of want, right? something we can count on, that forever crap. i guess should be about the quality of time you two spend together, and how you improve the quality of life for each other. oh, my stream of consciousness, flowing into the interweb.

but so, secret is out, i kind of met someone, and i don't know if it's a match or not, but i'm really trying to keep my head over it. maybe in three months you'll see a photo of me and some non-douche bag goofing off. after three months they get upgraded from "douche bag" to "scum bag".