Saturday, April 28, 2007

went to nolan's art show tonight at the beemis underground, it was awesome! he did collaborations with a bunch of people, a quilt, an installation, his puppet show movie(?) "milk", a computer thing, and all sorts of other fun things besides his numerous wonderful paintings. not only that, tunz of people were there, and i got to chat with the best of the midwest in an hour span of time. word.
i hurt soooo bad, all over. it even hurts to breathe. thank you derby!
it's gonna get busy soon, next weekend is the hood ratz vs mary kay mafia (my second bout!!) then the weekend after that gang green goes up to sioux falls to bout the team up there. i turn 30 a few days later, and the weekend after my birthday i'm going with my parents & their potluck club up to calamus and camp along with some of people's cool kids my age. then in june my mom and i are going on our 10 day long photo camping nebraska trip, that will rule. and of course there are things to do with derby, like fac things, and other events. last weekend we went to the stars game and i got to go out on the ice and throw t-shirts to the crowd.
oh yeah, i forgot, i said some funny things recently! the other day at practice a girl stumbled and fell, landing right on a wheel. we didn't know what was wrong cuz she's all laying on the ground in pain, and we're like, "did you land on your tailbone? did you land on your ankle?" and she finally says, "i landed on my poon." and everyone is saying, "awww! oh geez, do you want some ice? someone go get her some ice!" and i open my mouth and say, "do you want a popsicle?" and no one knew i said it but girls repeated it and were laughing and asking who said it. i felt proud. and yesterday (thursday) i went with a few girls playing in the next bout to kzum and talked on the radio and gave away tickets. 2 of the girls were good at being responsible and explaining things, and then there was me talking trash to one of the other girls the whole time. it was fun. and of course i forgot to tell anyone i was going to be on the radio, so no one i knew listened. dang.

Monday, April 23, 2007


i have this fantastic habit of falling for guys with girlfriends. maybe it's because they've lost the desperation that clings to single guys thicker than ball sweat, and are able to just chill and be themselves instead of trying to get their, um, foot in the door. and of course they never leave their girlfriends cuz they're honorable (i don't fall for the other kind, don't you know). so i'm resigned to be their best buddy and feel sorry for myself. very sorry.
today i made a to do list that spans things from 3 months ago to june. i think it's 47 items long. it has everything from emailing people back and cleaning my room to buying presents and make some money.