Thursday, November 24, 2005


Last week my mommy turned 55, I got canned from one of my jobs, my room underwent a transformation (it's clean now), and I got to keep kissing on my special guy. Whirlwind!! I just feel like putting up pictures and talking about them. we have that new couple smell. like the face only a mother could love, it's the odor which makes our friends gag and say "gross" and makes us say, "what, it's not cool to make out in compusa?" it's awesome.

the day before i got fired/laid off, me and a few of my roomies went to ikea and got a bunch of shit.
here's matt and cheese. he only eats cheese and candy.

i ate a hot dog because betty made them sound sooo good, but then when i got to the last bite i couldn't finish it. you can almost see the gristle bits.

after we got home, we had an ikea party and built our cheap ass shit together in the gallery area.
here's betty working hard on her table. and i swear, she bitched the whole time about how complicated it was. whatev.

besides pressed wood, ikea has another distinciton: , they'll make up some weirdo part to substitute old-world workmanship. like a screw that does 3 things and has a hole and a spring and a little man inside who holds it all together. after that part, they'll give you 30 wooden pegs. here's parts from my new bedside table:


"thank you mr matt"