Thursday, January 15, 2009

did i mention mobsters is lame?
i have become way less addicted to the internet since i don't have it anymore, it's super. tasha uses her neighbors, and does tons of downloading. can i say that? but one day she looked at the name of the signal thing, and it said, "please stop using limewire" which is hilarious. i use my neighbors, i think they're old people. i think this because the signal isn't always there, which makes me believe that they turn it off, like how they feel about telephones. if you're not using it, hang it up. and then i don't get a weak ass internet signal after matlock comes on.
my nostrils froze together this morning on the walk from my car to work. i had to park 4 blocks away and walk, and of course there was a luncheon (the culmination of several months planning and hustling) that i had to dress nicely for, so not only did my nostrils get cold, but my knee caps strangely were freezing cold. this is the dark period friends, when it's on the down falls and has to get worse before it gets better. today it was -9 out, and it's going to be like this for a while more. depressing, cold, i haven't even taken a walk in my new neighborhood, and i wear ugly winter clothes all the time cuz i'm such a wimp. what can i say? winter sucks... i could just come home each day and watch such things as the two hour american idol show (like on tuesday) or the two hour "goodbye grissom" marathon of csi (like tonight), or start catching up on all the shows i don't care about then start drinking with dinner, and wake up in spring about 20lbs heavier and a million times more lame... i should try to be more productive with all this downtime, and work on my "stuff" that i'm supposed to do, and that other stuff i'm supposed to be devoting my life to, you know "art." this is a constant complaint for me. but it's winter, it's ok to complain. i'll just probably get a cat and become obsessed with it like molly is with her cats. do you think cats would make good models? probably not. freeze dry them i guess.
our teenager at work is turning out to be cool i guess, though he has the usual trappings of a teenager (kfrx, gaming, etc). he talked to me about getting internet. i turn into a total idiot when it comes to techy computer things, i just can't bother. if i learn about things, then i have to know about them. and that just won't do. i think he spends alot of time on the internet, wonder if he tracked this blog down or not. internet is a big one for me to think about.
things on my personal to do list:
get internet
get new bag for fuji 645
go to dentist and get falled out filling filled
make more art
see boyfriend
get cat
pay bills

don't even ask about the "taura's cool photography biz" to do list, it would blow your mind.

ciao mfs.