Thursday, June 08, 2006


ted and euna become 300 more times obnoxious, euna looks like a cat when you catch it licking the butter dish and are about to squirt it with water.

BOLTON'S BACK! props to his street crew!

ellie's sunburn. bubbly, and the same color as her shirt


we went to a show at the independant the other night, to see dave navarro's nipple rings!!! i have created a collage of some different views of the rings, check out the shadow.

taka was yelling that dave sucked the whole time, only one step classier than me posting these pics. here's taka and jeremy most likely talking about vintage marshall cabs. or their band.

after the show, we went to club wazima(?) and closed the bar.
molly and taka and the 23rd shots of the evening, only minutes before we crashed the car:(

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

night owls

this is from the photos i took for matt and justin, for their night courier service they're starting up. we went around downtown and took "action shots" for their website. who knew, but i am no match for young men who ride bikes 24 hours a day, i still feel dizzy from trying to keep up with them on their bikes.