Thursday, December 01, 2005

technology world

i work with virgil once a week, he's the best boss ever. "do you want to go see the new harry potter movie when we're finished up here?" waht more could an employee ask. don't worry, i'm not giving anything away about the movie, but this was a really nice scene.

i actually made this thing!!! i don't know what it does, but it's something for a motion capture suit.

the display is broken on taka's phone, and so he's lost all his numbers, and can't tell who's calling. solution? a tiny screwdriver. "baby, do you know how to fix your phone?" he thinks that just because he's japanese he knows how to fix electronics. he told me that he took apart his powerbook once.

and here's how much good he did...
now he has an analog phone just like he wanted all along.

can you see how fricking awesome this shirt is?

and since we're on the subject of birds, well they just do the darndest things!!
looooook! it's standing on leaves! cuz it's feet are cold!