Thursday, July 27, 2006


who thought this would be a good idea?

port costa

last friday ellie and i went to port costa, a mere 30 minute drive from oakland, but you get there and have a beer and feel a million miles away from civilization. you can rent a room at the only hotel in the one street town for $30 a night, it used to be a brothel and is was lavishly decorated in the 70's under their ideas of what a 19th century brothel looked like. think dolly parton.
first, you go to the bar and say you want a room, and the guy will give you a tour and show you every room and you pick out one called mary anne or geneive or sally. second, you go back to the bar and order the brie cheese board and a drink and sit outside and talk until the crazies want to talk to you. we visited with some nice people from crockett, and then when they left, this totally scary guy came and talked to us all night long. i kept saying to ellie, "let's go to the room now!" but she was all drunk and was having a great time. (so was i, but i was a little scared) this guy, algie, told us he was homophobic because he went to prison. for murder. then ellie tells him in all seriousness that maybe he's homophobic because he's gay. and he gets all mad and says no. then later ellie says something about israel and nazis, and he slams his drink on the table and says, "nazis?! are you talking about nazis?" well yes, yes we are. "do you got something against nazis?!" and ellie's like, well they killed alot of people. and he goes, "i've had enough of this shit, i'm outta here." and gets up and starts to walk away, then turns back and flexes his bicep and points to a circular tattoo on the big prison muscle. we're like, wow, nice tattoo. and he's like "psssh!" and leaves. then i realize it's some sort of neo swastika tattoo. what a dork.
third, you go to your room called sally and eat crackers until you want to go to sleep.
fourth, you wake up sweating at 8:30am because it's 85degrees already, and only getting hotter.
fifth, poke at the little bat who decided to sleep in your room.

sixth, go home with a very sick friend.


i know this is the meanest thing to do, and i did it with such glee. this is a family who was routing for france during the final match in the world cup, and this is them when italy kicked the winning goal. i've never felt so happy to see a little boy so sad. you can see how sad he is, and how his mom is trying to make it look like she's not that disappointed. if you look at all 11 pics really fast, it's like a little movie.

the girl on the left is obviously for italy.


yuka and her nice boyfriend at their opening at atlas cafe a few weeks ago. they are so cute! they both wore mickey mouse shirts without even planning it. plus their work is sweeeet.

miss euna and her terrible face accident, bike+pothole. she broke a bone in her cheek, and was all swelled up on one side. it was so sad, and i'm happy to say she's much better now (though still can't eat crunchy things).

someone getting arrested.

someone taking a nap.

the paper bags are from a stenciling workshop i did a year ago with galeria de la raza. they had a program called youth in public media going on over the last few years, and they just had a "best of" end exhibit, and i got to see the bags again!! my friend vero and i led a group of teenagers and we put stencils on paper sacks from rainbow grocery, and then returned them to the grocery store for customers to use. it was a great project.

a pigeon, sunbathing it's head half.


just look at this bowl of soup, it's even more gigantic than it appears, and taka ate it all.

and here's an argoyle fish we saw later on...


last night taka and i went to one of those irish type themed bars that you never really want to go to. there was this guy there who after i told him i was from lincoln nebraska, said, "oh the lincoln cattle wars!" and i'm like, huh? and he goes to tell me about how there were the lincoln cattle wars in the 1860's and that's how billy the kid got famous. so i'm like, really? and asking him about it cuz i've never heard about this famous thing in my hometown that has a plaque to celebrate a wagon wheel that fell off once. shit, if billy the kid had a friend in nebraska, we'd have a plaque to celebrate that too. but he probably didn't, and so i'm seriously doubting that there was anything like the lincoln cattle wars in nebraska or else i would already know about it. but nooo, he says he's 100% sure about it, and i'm thinking he's a big history buff. so today i do a little internet research and lo and behold, i'm right. there's no lincoln nebraska cattle wars, it's lincoln county new mexico cattle wars. and he's no history buff, he probably watched young guns.