Saturday, March 29, 2008

at about 8pm today, while i was working on photos and stuff at my computer, i just got the urge to get up and go lay down on my bed. i don't really even remember doing it, but that's what must have happened. and i fell asleep face down on my bed. for an hour. and then i got up and got under the covers and slept for another hour. then i got up and fixed myself something to eat and read bike snob nyc for an hour and a half. i was supposed to be working like mad to get photos together for my website, and and i just slept and read blogs. the only way i could be more disappointed with myself is if i got caught in the vice dos&donts. i hate that magazine. so now it's 1am, and i'm wondering where my friday went.

Friday, March 28, 2008

it's cold

"nebraska... nebraska... i know it's around here somewhere."

today was cold once again, though not as cold as it was 6 weeks ago, or 3 weeks ago for that matter.
i have decided that it's embarrassing to have your friends try to set you up with people. especially if the person they're trying to set you up with is already your friend.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Subject: [SPAM: ] I wanted to make someone else jealous.
Body: Produce non-stop, rock hard erections that last all night long.

adam 2000 and i have a... i guess you'd call it a hobby, of sending our best spam back and forth to each other with our own hilarious comments at the top. but no, you don't get to see them because they're just too hilarious for the internet. only intra-office email can handle this kind of hilarious. but seriously, i think our world would be alot better if there were less rock hard erections, we don't need products to make more. rock hard erections occur at opportune moments as when your girlfriend picks up a penny, a girl jogs by, a waitress asks if you'd like a cherry muffin, when you have to go complete a math problem at the board, and if you're gay, all of that but with dudes. if you need more boner time in your life, like as in there is a spare moment when you just can't conjure up a boner, you just might have too much time on your hands.