Saturday, July 21, 2007

mil horas

this is the song i've been listening to, and now i'll never hear it the same after watching this video. amazing.
warning: it will stick with you.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

look ellie!

tina! mini dog! itty bitty! god she's so cute i couldn't decide which photo to put up first.

she is like a little stuffed animal, a perverted little stuffed animal who goes straight to my laundry basket for the underpants. maybe she's a lesbipuppy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

good luck molly and jordan!

this morning my sister molly and her friend jordan left to europa for 5 weeks, i'm soooo jealous. they're going to go to greece too, take that and pump up the jealousy. for a long time, i dreamed about that crappy little island i was on, dreamed about my cave and the mountain from an bird's perspective...

Monday, July 16, 2007

last night i think i heard the best quote ever from this little boy sitting near us in the chinese restaurant.
"if you ever go to china and see one of those guys walking around," he points to a poster on the wall "DON'T follow him!"
tasha has me hooked on that dumb song, "mil horas". she got hooked on it when she was down in uruguay, and so last night it's 3:30am and i'm dancing like crazy in front of the mirror figuring out the best moves for certain parts.
this is a pic i took a long time ago at golden gate fields, the horse track in east bay.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

can't wait to start scanning these.


at o'rourkes one night last month.


remember me talking about the big bump in my finger where i got poked by a rose thorn? how it had gotten all big and swollen really quick and i thought it was bursitis(??) and i wanted pam to do surgery on it? well, it's getting better. one night i got a glass full of ice and a fresh scalpel blade out (real ones), and iced my finger and then put the blade in to see if anything would come out of the bump. i know, it's gross, but i had to do it. i went down into the lump, but nothing but blood came out. i put a band aid on it, and hoped it would go away or something. the next day at work i was messing with it, and ok, this may be gross, but i was messing with it and a bunch of blood came out, and then part of a rose thorn came out of the hole!! wow, that was pretty good. so now it's getting better. what i'm guessing is a fibrous mass is getting smaller, and it's not painful anymore. i would like to make this into an analogy for something in my life right now, but it's difficult without saying too much about the sitch, or turning the rose thorn story into something different.
tonight i saw "la vie en rose" with a friend, it was great. i recommend it.
how can i be such a lazy bastard about things like my website, and on the other hand an inpatient spazoid when it comes to more sublte and sensitive matters? lord. messing with that finger, slicing it up just to see what's inside. please stop me before i screw something up.