Thursday, September 21, 2006

ghost ride the whip

i don't know what's worse about being an old nerd, having to google "riding the ghost whip" or thinking it's what you do when you ride your bike and balance another bike along side you.
but this is what sucks about being young...
weird safety cars and screechy voices.

paint remover.
i've never really had to go to church in my life, i've had to develop a hatred based solely the people who do go. and woo-hoo, i'm a hatin' right now. we've lived next door to a pentecostal church for the past three years, and they give us no end to grief. at first we tried to make friends with them, say hi and try to chat and all that, but they wouldn't have any of it. they set up their tables and chairs and grills and coolers in front of our house blocking our door, throwing things against our wall, having their teenagers (here the old lady in me goes, "teenagers") hang out after tuesday night bible study yakking it up about fornications and cars until all hours of the night. yeah, and i know i'm not any better than them, any more well mannered or good or any of that, but i don't call myself a christian and tell people they're going to go to hell. the other day coming home from my great job, i had to push around old folks with my bike who were sitting in front of our door grilling some stuff for their stupid church bonanza, and it made me so mad. i had already had a lame day at work, but this was too much. so i went up stairs and put my speakers out the window and played cradle of filth as loud as it would go. euna and i spied on them from ted's window to see their reaction. cradle of filth is possibly the most obnoxious music ever created, and should send those el salvadorian pentecostals fleeing like roaches in the light. and while we're spying on them, euna says, "who actually listens to that this kind of music?" and the only answer is, "boys. boys who want to drown out their feelings."
right now i kind of want to drown out my feelings, but cradle of filth is not the answer. you don't want to listen to elliot smith and start crying some more, and "hey ya" is going to make you feel things in retrospect you will wish you didn't. maybe old 97s to make you think about the old days. or merle haggard to remind you about when you used to have a car. but not arcade fire to make you think about crying at work. the misfits just may be what the doctor ordered. and cradle of filth when you need to rid your street of church goers.