Tuesday, December 13, 2005

dreamweaver is for babies

whoever said dreamweaver was easy can kiss my ass. my room-mate ted said dreamweaver is for babies who can't write code, and i said hooooray! cuz i'm a baby! i don't like learning new computer programs. i know photoshop, final cut pro, and word, but trying to learn new stuff is a pain in the ass. there's always some very important thing that you don't know that would make whatever you're trying to do a piece of cake, but you don't know what it could be so you struggle and get frustrated and say things like "fuck indesign". so now i have all this time on my hands and have decided that i should take responsibility for my future and make a website and business cards and stuff. so i fired up dreamweaver ($5 in bangkok) and dusted off the "dreamweaver in 21 easy steps" book i have, and off i went. man, i just want to take a nap. i can't even make a proper template. so i called my mom, who teaches a class on this stuff, but she was watching "USA dancer contest" and eating dinner with the fam. she said "don't worry about templates, i have to go now because we're watching "USA dancer contest" and eating dinner". so i chucked the book and decided that i'd get through it with pure moxy, i'm clever enough to figure it out myself. just like i figured out the awesome painter program i have! ha. now i'm back with the book and wanting to take a nap. with all this free time on my hands, i should be able to take a nap. i'll call my mom later.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

technology world

i work with virgil once a week, he's the best boss ever. "do you want to go see the new harry potter movie when we're finished up here?" waht more could an employee ask. don't worry, i'm not giving anything away about the movie, but this was a really nice scene.

i actually made this thing!!! i don't know what it does, but it's something for a motion capture suit.

the display is broken on taka's phone, and so he's lost all his numbers, and can't tell who's calling. solution? a tiny screwdriver. "baby, do you know how to fix your phone?" he thinks that just because he's japanese he knows how to fix electronics. he told me that he took apart his powerbook once.

and here's how much good he did...
now he has an analog phone just like he wanted all along.

can you see how fricking awesome this shirt is?

and since we're on the subject of birds, well they just do the darndest things!!
looooook! it's standing on leaves! cuz it's feet are cold!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Last week my mommy turned 55, I got canned from one of my jobs, my room underwent a transformation (it's clean now), and I got to keep kissing on my special guy. Whirlwind!! I just feel like putting up pictures and talking about them. we have that new couple smell. like the face only a mother could love, it's the odor which makes our friends gag and say "gross" and makes us say, "what, it's not cool to make out in compusa?" it's awesome.

the day before i got fired/laid off, me and a few of my roomies went to ikea and got a bunch of shit.
here's matt and cheese. he only eats cheese and candy.

i ate a hot dog because betty made them sound sooo good, but then when i got to the last bite i couldn't finish it. you can almost see the gristle bits.

after we got home, we had an ikea party and built our cheap ass shit together in the gallery area.
here's betty working hard on her table. and i swear, she bitched the whole time about how complicated it was. whatev.

besides pressed wood, ikea has another distinciton: , they'll make up some weirdo part to substitute old-world workmanship. like a screw that does 3 things and has a hole and a spring and a little man inside who holds it all together. after that part, they'll give you 30 wooden pegs. here's parts from my new bedside table:


"thank you mr matt"

Monday, November 14, 2005

no news is good news...

sort of.
just when i decide to abandon the dating thing and just be a passive hater, treat street becomes the most romantic place and i'm having my first kiss with the hot guitarist from the just-for-fun-band i'm in. i better get real good at drums quick, cuz dude knows every single hot lick ever. he has longer hair than me! but he just barely won, remember when i had that gnarly hair that went down to my butt crack? look at him rocking out with the hair:

ted and i volunteered for a hardware store run last weekend, which included 12 48"flourescent bulbs. i had a 50lb fart fan and some mouse traps in my bag, but it was teddy who turned heads as we rode our bikes home from discount builders supply. ted looks like an extreme sports dude in this picture.it was KILLER.

a little late, but here is what i saw from the doorway at work of the protest a few weeks ago where some teenagers were arrested and hurt by police for laying in the street and stuff. this line of police lasted for 10 minutes. i always get a little scared of police.

Monday, November 07, 2005

daters not haters limbo, and a mouse trap

This weekend was a dating bust, instead of a dating blitz. This shit is hard work! Almost as big a pain in the ass as real life dating! I’m trying to not be a hater. But it’s hard. Part of being a non-hater is keeping a positive attitude. And part of being a dater is going on dates. So I’m in daters not haters limbo.
Here is a pic from nature:

And because I don’t have an amazing dating story to tell you from over the weekend, I will thrill you with an amazing story from my past. Well, maybe it’s amazing. It’s usually a hit, though tonight at our house meeting when I told it while we were discussing how many “have a heart” mouse traps we should get (instead of the old fashioned neck breakers), my roomies were less than impressed. You be the judge.
So this is set in a a second hand trailer on top of a hill in the middle of the country, that my family stayed in on weekends. Bonfires and hiking and such. It was awesome. Since the land was in the middle of farmland, there were mice. During the winter, those little field mice thought our trailer was a great place to live and they moved on in. They were stoked, they found chips, oreos, pasta, everything a country mouse dreams of. By the time we discovered our mouse problem and put all that kind of stuff out of their gnawing abilities, they were established and weren’t going anywhere. My dad wanted to put out traps, but since we didn’t go out there very often in the winter, the old fashioned snappers would just be bad and putrid if it caught a mouse. A trip to the hardware store sparked the engineer in my dad, and he devised a special trap for us. First, he started with this kind of trap, pictured here:

it works like this… since mice like to run along the edges of the wall where it’s safe and crumbs fall, this box goes on the floor against the wall where the mouse is sure to encounter it. It has to go around the box, and on it’s way around the box, the mouse sees a tunnel to the other side…a short cut! And of course the mouse wants to take the short cut, so it goes through the little mouse sized tunnel. In the middle of the tunnel is a trigger that mice aren’t intelligent enough to know not to set off, which is how the trap gets the mice. When they set off this trigger, the mouse is flipped into this other compartment of the box, and the trap resets itself. And this is usually where the story ends, the mouse dies in the compartment or someone kills it. But again, we didn’t go out to the trailer enough to take care of a pile of dead mice which would surely stink up the trailer, and alert any other mice not to crawl through the tunnel. So another component was built into the trap to take care of this problem. In the top of the compartment where the mice get flipped into, was another mouse sized hole. Leading to a tube. Of course the mouse doesn’t want to be in a little aluminum cage, so it thinks, “well lookie here! An escape route!” and decides to climb up the tube. Up and up and up it goes, until it starts to curve down, and next thing the mouse knows, is that the tube has turned into a slide, and it slides down into a gallon jar with a hole in the top. This is the part where people start to not like me for telling this story, and I’ll tell you the truth, recounting the mouse’s journey through the trap has made me a little sad. But on we go. To the gruesome end. The gallon jar is filled with anti-freeze and the mouse dies. The mouse drowns in antifreeze and is preserved a little bloaty until we take it out, there’s no smell and do you know what? The mouse problem was taken care of that winter. Sometimes we’d find 6 mice in the jar, sometimes 1. At first I was mad at my dad for being a Hitler for mice, but he asked me if it was better to make them starve to death, or give them a quick death. After some deep thoughts and remembering how my gerbil Nibbles bit my nose all the time, I said “drown”.

Monday, October 31, 2005

CAUGHT!!! also, our halloween party!!

man, how did my cover get blown so quick? guy #2 found about this blog before i told him about it! it was some sloppy profile managing on my part, but that's ok. now i feel weird. exposed. hi sean! now i have stage fright! or blog fright! i will get my courage back up again, and do something good soon.

so i'm looking at this guy at our party, trying to guess what his costume is. tight stone washed jeans, cowboy boots, no shirt and a big tattoo across the chest... redneck? that's a popular one, halloween or not these days, but this guy has it down in a vvery un-urban outfitters sort of way. it's subtle.
"someone should know about this."
i ask him what he's taking about, and he just looks at me like i'm fucking with him- which i am.
"well...if you don't see...uh" he goes on to say that the pictures on the wall are disgusting.
"but it's halloween," i explain, "and people need to be scared on halloween! right?"
"YEAH... but this is going too far. this is not cool." he's getting worked up. "someone should be told about this, someone should be told about how disgusting these pictures are and how unpleasant it is to hang out in this room." he's actually getting upset and i'm afraid he might strangle me, but someone tells him that there are lots of other rooms to hang out in if he's so disgusted.
you know he loved it, my art exhibition in the back room for our halloween party with our neighbors. look in the upper left portion of the picture and you can get an idea of what kind of pictures were up. and dude's costume wasn't a redneck, he IS a redneck. the kind everyone forgets about when they grow moustaches and wear trucker hats. i don't mean to get off topic though...cuz on topic is PARTY! HALLOWEEN!! FUN!!
so parties are great places to pick up guys normally, especially parties at your own house. and last night was no exception. there were a few babe's at the party, one looked like some guy i had a crush on a few months ago. i kept trying to check him out and see if it was the same guy or just a hot look-a-like, but i was too googly to see if it was him or not. i just kept being not sly at peeking on him, and then lo and behold, later i'm doing some booty dance with his cute friend. booty dancing is one of those things that you think you're totally owning when you're doing it, but everyone watching is just embaressed about how awkward and uncool it actually looks. it feels so good, but looks so bad!! but we're doing it anyways. and then his friend starts taking pictures of homie with his hands on ground and ass in air with me grinding all nonchalant on him. hey hey! give me a copy boys! actually i mean it. i want to see too. but check out these pics from our party! well, i'll put up a link when i figure out how to do it. but for now, well nothing.
but maybe not pics