Thursday, April 09, 2009

i'm sick of wearing my ugly winter clothes, winter needs to unclasp it's claws from lincoln. nice day here, nice day there, next thing it's a 20 degree day in april and i feel as if it's too much to hope for to actually GET summer. high hopes!
it's funny, i've been feeling lonely and funky lately, even though i talk to tons of people and make a point to meet up with my friends. weather, anyone? i was hanging out with this guy for a bit, but jsut wasn't seeing it going anywhere and kept meaning to call and say just that... but i'm a chicken and didn't do anything until he walked into duffy's where i was holding someone else's hand, and then i still didn't do anything because i was too embarassed with myself and how shitty i am. he'll probably read this because he knows how to use the internet, unlike stetson, who... well, he's much better with a wrench. but that's fine, the world needs mechanics. and the world needs broken hearts, they slow down the spin from all the love. i just made that up, it's retarded. this is about as specific as i get on ye old blogge, cherish it. speaking of ex-boyfriends, taka has a cat named puff.