Wednesday, June 03, 2009

OMG it's been a month and a half since i last said anything, lame. if i could just stream the blogs i make in my head, everyone would be much more satisfied.
my little sister's boyfriend brian is the best. they have cats also, and love them very much. one day brian was talking with my grandma about how much they love their cats, and then he said, "i just think about having a child and how great it would be to have them love you back" these words make you golden.
today i worked in my garden (yay) to relieve the stress of talking with insurance people (ick) and came inside to see that my own little kitties had taken the bag of moss that i was going to put on the rock wall in back, and ripped it up and strewn it all over the kitchen. dirt and moss and bag everywhere. brats!! i yelled at them and shook my finger at them, and they just purred and looked at me, excited that i was standing so close to their food container. they didn't even know i was mad. i thought to myself, "i can't wait to have a kid someday cuz eventually they'll know when i'm mad at them." you can't be too mad at something that is just happy you're around.