Tuesday, January 20, 2009

let's pretend we're grown-ups

i have a new blog up and running, it's "professional" so i don't talk about getting drunk or boyfriends or use curse words & etc. it's weird, trying to be "professional." not long ago, i was at a party where i didn't know anyone but my friend who was hosting it. pretty soon after i started socializing, i realized everyone thought i was nutty or cRaZzy. i don't know how to explain it, but i couldn't just be myself and be hilarious without everyone looking at me in shock/disgust. i had to reel it in, change my strategy, and pretend these people are my clients and act accordingly. i guess they all knew each other, and when you get some tattooed girl in their circle who drinks straight gin and talks like a sailor, everyone pays attention and "judges." maybe i'm the one who is judging, but that's just how i felt the other night. so being "professional" is new for me. i've given up on being a punk and having scabies and warrants, but i'm not comfortable being the other way either. yeah, it's a bitch trying grow up when you're all set in your old ways.
so anyways, check out the new blog!