Monday, June 25, 2007

happy monday

ouch. this morning hurts.
but last weekend rocked!
it's a trade off.
air guitar contest!! at the chopper rally at the fairgrounds over the weekend. no coast derby girls did some promo there, so a bunch of girls went.
i got second place, and (drum roll) won guitar hero 2 and $28 from scratcher tickets.

and this was my competition: tough!!

this is me congratulating the first and third place winners, trying to be a good sport.

we were there to do a dunk booth, here's april being nice to people. i was not.

last night we had a derby-q for go go yesterday, so i started celebrating early. then we all went to 80's night where josh was djing, and he refused to play big butts because it was 90's. there, i got realllllly drunk and am lucky enough to have bits of the night preserved. gems like giving some dude the ultimatum "if you don't get on the dance floor, you can never hit on me again." (huh?) and talking to the miller girls from the chopper rally about the air guitar contest and hugging them, and doing a dance move OFF the stage that ended badly and now the left leg is paying for it. and i think i bought a pack of KOOLS on the ride home, i'm not sure though. ugh. why?