Wednesday, February 10, 2010

all the single ladies

another valentines day coming up, and i'll be single. the stets and taura parted ways, people are sending me condolences, and i just want to say it's the best thing that ever happened to me, the biggest bullet i ever dodged, a weight off my shoulders, i'm as happy as if i was in my right mind.
and valentines day is coming up, and luck would have it, i've been invited to someone's house next weekend. by a boy!!! or a man, i guess. yes, i met someone cool, awesome, amazing, talented, handsome, funny, etc. and to think that if stetson and i were together i wouldn't have had the chance to connect with this person. that's what's scary, thinking if i had lost my nerve and tried to deal with stets for longer. so do i make a card? cookies? shave my legs? we're not a couple, so i guess i'll just check all of the above. maybe he doesn't know it's valentines day.
i had two tragic stories for valentines day, humor me.

i was going to school, i had a big crush this kid i was friends with. the day before valentines day, i told him how much i had always secretly wanted a valentines day miracle. like someone surprises you with some v-day crap and tells you they like you and it's magic and the end. and guess what happens? i go to my inbox/mail cubby thing at school, and there it is: v-day crap like candy and red socks and a mini notebook with my name in stickers on it, maybe something else like a little collage card that says "be mine" or some such item. CLOUD 9! he liked me, and took my hint about the valentines day miracle coming true, and i couldn't wait to find him. i gathered up all my treasures and went to the photo lab to find him, and i saw my friend naomi right away. "oh, you found the presents i got for you!" and i don't remember if i was gracious or thankful, or if i started crying or what. the lab saw a lot of my emotions, of everyone's. my dear friend had decided to do something sweet for me, not the spray paintin' hip hoppin' 20-something dork i thought was worth it. i was sad, and like to tell this story about failed v-day miracles. people like it because it's so tragic.

tragic story #2 is so tragic, i think it needs proper introduction, and i have to go now.
ciao, muthas