Monday, October 31, 2005

CAUGHT!!! also, our halloween party!!

man, how did my cover get blown so quick? guy #2 found about this blog before i told him about it! it was some sloppy profile managing on my part, but that's ok. now i feel weird. exposed. hi sean! now i have stage fright! or blog fright! i will get my courage back up again, and do something good soon.

so i'm looking at this guy at our party, trying to guess what his costume is. tight stone washed jeans, cowboy boots, no shirt and a big tattoo across the chest... redneck? that's a popular one, halloween or not these days, but this guy has it down in a vvery un-urban outfitters sort of way. it's subtle.
"someone should know about this."
i ask him what he's taking about, and he just looks at me like i'm fucking with him- which i am.
"well...if you don't see...uh" he goes on to say that the pictures on the wall are disgusting.
"but it's halloween," i explain, "and people need to be scared on halloween! right?"
"YEAH... but this is going too far. this is not cool." he's getting worked up. "someone should be told about this, someone should be told about how disgusting these pictures are and how unpleasant it is to hang out in this room." he's actually getting upset and i'm afraid he might strangle me, but someone tells him that there are lots of other rooms to hang out in if he's so disgusted.
you know he loved it, my art exhibition in the back room for our halloween party with our neighbors. look in the upper left portion of the picture and you can get an idea of what kind of pictures were up. and dude's costume wasn't a redneck, he IS a redneck. the kind everyone forgets about when they grow moustaches and wear trucker hats. i don't mean to get off topic though...cuz on topic is PARTY! HALLOWEEN!! FUN!!
so parties are great places to pick up guys normally, especially parties at your own house. and last night was no exception. there were a few babe's at the party, one looked like some guy i had a crush on a few months ago. i kept trying to check him out and see if it was the same guy or just a hot look-a-like, but i was too googly to see if it was him or not. i just kept being not sly at peeking on him, and then lo and behold, later i'm doing some booty dance with his cute friend. booty dancing is one of those things that you think you're totally owning when you're doing it, but everyone watching is just embaressed about how awkward and uncool it actually looks. it feels so good, but looks so bad!! but we're doing it anyways. and then his friend starts taking pictures of homie with his hands on ground and ass in air with me grinding all nonchalant on him. hey hey! give me a copy boys! actually i mean it. i want to see too. but check out these pics from our party! well, i'll put up a link when i figure out how to do it. but for now, well nothing.
but maybe not pics

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