Tuesday, December 13, 2005

dreamweaver is for babies

whoever said dreamweaver was easy can kiss my ass. my room-mate ted said dreamweaver is for babies who can't write code, and i said hooooray! cuz i'm a baby! i don't like learning new computer programs. i know photoshop, final cut pro, and word, but trying to learn new stuff is a pain in the ass. there's always some very important thing that you don't know that would make whatever you're trying to do a piece of cake, but you don't know what it could be so you struggle and get frustrated and say things like "fuck indesign". so now i have all this time on my hands and have decided that i should take responsibility for my future and make a website and business cards and stuff. so i fired up dreamweaver ($5 in bangkok) and dusted off the "dreamweaver in 21 easy steps" book i have, and off i went. man, i just want to take a nap. i can't even make a proper template. so i called my mom, who teaches a class on this stuff, but she was watching "USA dancer contest" and eating dinner with the fam. she said "don't worry about templates, i have to go now because we're watching "USA dancer contest" and eating dinner". so i chucked the book and decided that i'd get through it with pure moxy, i'm clever enough to figure it out myself. just like i figured out the awesome painter program i have! ha. now i'm back with the book and wanting to take a nap. with all this free time on my hands, i should be able to take a nap. i'll call my mom later.

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Patricia said...

Dreamweaver.....*hehehe* piece of cake. Just call Taura or email. Im here all the time working on Dreamweaver passing the time...always good to see any communication from you.

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