Tuesday, March 07, 2006


hello everyone, just thought i´d put out the word that tasha and i are doing well! we´re in boquete panama, it´s really pretty with rainbows and ponies and nice mountain views everywhere you look. there is susposed to be great hiking all around here, but so far we´ve suceeded in doing our laundry, grocery shopping, and befriending the panamanian teenager who stays at our hostel. he´s hecka tall and spends alot of time jumping around and inspecting all folded up pieces of paper he finds in hopes that some other stoner lost their stash. it´s nice here though, tasha is thinking about teaching here at a language center called "habla ya", so we might come back to this place after we travel around a bit more. we came here from bocas de toro, some islands at the northwest tip of panama, where we arrived just in the middle of their carnival. it was worth the whole trip into panama, my favorite part was the baby doll contest. the baby doll contest takes place on a stage set up like a children´s tv show, with a line of girls aged 5-9years old doing the tootsie roll, the butterfly, and what could be the rodeo. i took some video, because i don´t think you´ll understand unless you see it. walking home that night, i knew there was no point for me to ever step out on the dance floor again, knowing that there are children who can dance worlds better than i. the winner of the baby doll contest gets a juice box. the other highlights of bocas?
wizard beach and the hike to it
mondo taitu - the hostel we stayed at was awesome
the cemetary - there was a bunch of tombs sans bodies, like they had been taken somewhere else. one wasn´t broken into, it just had a fist sized chunk out of the top corner, big enough for me to stick my digital camera into. when we looked at the picture, there was a freaking body there, all bones. when we zoomed in, we could see the skull! there was this red shape too, which turned out to be a giant cockroach crawling on the bones. it was soooo scary.
the people we met, monique, thomas, henry, orney, david. glad we met you all!!
tomorrow morning tasha and i will leave boquete for san jose, where we´ll figure out where we´re going next.

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