Wednesday, April 26, 2006

granada, nicaragua

hello everyone, as you may all know, i´m in granada, sweating my balls off. it´s great. you take a shower twice a day, you´re sticky, you´re tired all day, your clothes are contantly damp from sweat, and it´s barely bareable at night. there´s no ac anywhere, you don´t speak spanish well enough to do much, and 75% of the guys are sleazy. battle loosing your voice, having a cough, cracked heels, food poisening manifesting itself as the ´rhea or vomiting, and i´m sure there´s other stuff i just can´t remember. i´m a little cranky because of the heat, and now i find out that the cost to change my ticket home is the cost of a new ticket. just a little cranky. i want to go back to san pedro! oh well. bla bla bla. gonna go sweat somewhere else.

pepito, from panama

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