Friday, August 04, 2006

the worst people in the world

the worst people in the world are camera store people. yesterday i had a run-in with some of those fellows while taka and i looked for a battery adapter for an old camera of his, and it made me so mad that i almost cried. what made me so mad?
1)they think they know everything
2)they think they know more than me
because :
a)i'm female
b)i'm young
c)i'm asking them a question
3)they're condescending and rude
4)they're wrong
and while 1-3 make me really really angry, #4 really gets me. when they're flat out wrong. i started thinking about all the times i've gone into a camera store to ask a question and had a feeling that their answer was wrong, and when i get home and do some research i find out that they really are wrong. it makes me want to stab a motherfucker. or at least write a mean postcard and not send it.

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