Thursday, September 07, 2006

things and stuff III

did you know i have a degree in pop psychology? yes, it's true. from the really hard school to get into AND graduate called Taura's School of Pop Psychology. the courses are hard, you have to read alot of texts. reading "women are from venus and men are from mars", "the idiots guide to depression", "palmistry revealed" and watching nanny 911 are some of the things we talk, homework is constant criticism of people on tv. because with my degree from Taura's School of Pop Psychology, i'm now qualified to be smarter than everyone. so, you may ask, where does this get me now? pop questions to my dad and like, "should i be an artist or a journalist?" and "could i move into your basement?" this is the one definitive thing i've figured out though, it's called Taura's law of 5. here it is explained.
so me, i only have room for 5 things in my life.

1)my day to day life, bills, checking my email and phone messages, doing laundry, and other maintenance type stuff.
2)my loved one (boyfriend)
3)my job (sigh)

so what do i fill the other two slots with? if i try to sneak 3 things into 4 slots, it won't work, and something else will get smooshed out. like when i decide that i need to make a feature length slideshow of legolas drawings with music, i stop cleaning my room and come in late to work. that's because i'm also trying to be a photographer and do a blog all the time and think about grad school and try to figure out if i should move into my parents basement in nebraska (again). you got to focus, and keep it to 2 things.
for me, 5 things is about right, for others with better concentration and more discipline, you may be able to take on 7 things. but if you push a baby carriage around with cardboard and old shoes in it, maybe you should stick to 3: eat, don't get raped, thinking about the future and how you're going to make it better. ok so that's mean. but you get my drift

i'm sooooo glad crazy 80's man got voted off project runway tonight...

(shit.... why does so many things have to be my fault i ask. and since when did i need to listen to you???)

this pic is from ellie's bbq last week, now she's on tour with robin and i'm sure they're missing me tons. well i'm missing you both tons, and robing, i wish you had come to sf instead of whatever upper northwest city you went to!! c/m.

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