Thursday, November 30, 2006

career girl

so it would seem that my specialty as a receptionist is to hang up on people. really. by accident!! see, i sort of bullshitted my way into the gig (did i just say 'gig'?) and claimed to know how to use the fucking switchboard they have for the agency, so i can't really go back and ask questions like, "so, what does it do when i press this button 3 times?" when you have a question, for someone, you better be prepared to explain why you're asking, and how the situation was previously resolved.
me: "where should I send someone who calls to verify the employment status of someone?"
other: "why, did someone call?"
me: "um yes?"
other: "where did you send them?"
me: "I don't know? i hung up on them or sent them to the ceo's voicemail?"
oops. i just have this fear that my utterly non-qualified ass is going to get exposed and i'll be publicly humiliated. it seems like i've been there for a month, and it's only been 3 days. it's pretty boring, i spend alot of time alternating between staring at the phone terrified that it's going to ring, and drawing on post-it notes. today i brought in some desk decor, a mini holiday tree. (see above) next i need that pin thing that you can put your hand in. and some white sneakers to wear when i go out to lunch with the other ladies in my office.

and ps, i did this all on my OWN time!!!

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