Wednesday, December 13, 2006

yes, the rumors are true. i'm leaving sf. i'm going back to nebraska. and when i say this, people want to pull me aside and try to convince me not to. like i'm throwing my life away.
tonight i hung out with a fellow lincolnite, linda. she's awesome and saw my band play at paul tisdale's house in like, 1993 or something, crazy. she is also moving back, and we spent alot of time talking about the pros and cons of moving "back home". on my ride back to my place, on that stupid bmx bike i'm riding right now, i thought about how much i'm going to miss all the amazing people i've met here, and how i'm going to miss eli and naomi, and how i'm going to miss people i don't hang out or call enough. and for a little bit on that hecka long ride home cuz of 15" wheels, i kind of felt like this place just might be my home. or at least i've got used to it...
i have a crush on a boy... a boy here, not ne.

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