Saturday, January 20, 2007

things and stuff

yesterday i was brushing my hair and spacing off, and i idly thought to myself, "how long is it until you go home again?". and then i realized san francisco isn't my home anymore, lincoln's my home. i kind of panicked for a minute, and then tried to think of something else right away. holy moly.
the weather is cold here, a few days ago it was -11F in the morning. do you know how cold that is? that isn't cold, it's freeze your nuts off cold, it's the kind of cold where the second you go outside the only thing you think of is getting back inside. literally, all other thoughts leave your head. it sucks. i was talking to ellie last night and said, "it was sort of nice out today, it was 35F." and she said, "you think that's nice?" and i said yeah, at least you can walk around and think of other things, and you're not busy dying. there's snow too, and i haven't been able to ride my bike in 2 weeks. when will it get better so i can get around on my own? do i have to get a car? dang.
my shoulder has been hurting bad lately, like it wakes me up with it's incessant burning pain. i've suspected for years that i need some sort of surgery to repair it, but who knows, i haven't had health insurance since i graduated from sfai.
on the bright side of things, i've been going to the roller rink for adult skate with my sister tasha and her friends, it's great. my old friend and new room-mate lizzy is on the derby team here, and tasha and lizzy are encouraging me to try out for this next season. i'm kind of excited, last thursday was the second time i went to adult skate, and it was fun skating around and learning how to do cross-overs and pretend you're going fast. the skating rink is called "skate zone" now, but it used to be called "holiday skate world" back in the day. there was another skating rink called "starlight" or "stardust" and my mom took us there for saturday morning skate sessions, and we'd sing "eat it" and "built this city" and do the limbo. awesome! i used to be pigeon toed bad when i was little, and the doctor told my parents that skating would strengthen my legs so they would turn out instead of in.


TBraye said...

Ask your dad about the 16mm he kinda starred in that I made a long time ago in Neb. City. B&W, of course, most of it was shot at the '6th Street Rink' in NC. One of the lines was "Couple skate, couples only. Couple skate."
What is wrong with your shoulder?
I moved from SF to Lincoln and back 4 times. You seemed so right for The City.

Lane said...

Taura, Taura, Taura. I hope you don't mind if I read your blog. I found it via your MySpace page.

To be fair, here is mine:

Awesome photos on those SF/LA posts, by the way.