Tuesday, February 13, 2007

feb update...

so what's been going on? well, i've decided to stop complaining about the cold. it gets boring, talking about all the different numbers it is outside and how they're a really big deal. it's cold and it's snowy and i don't get to ride my bike and i'm sort of getting used to it.

sweet new colors, i know.
i was sick last week, that sucked. i'm almost better now so that's good.
my phone broke but then i got a new one and it's brown and not pink.
i punched a girl in the face, but only after she punched my sister and i, and has been a pain in the ass for the last 10 years.
been meeting people, that's cool.
but best of all, i've been going to the no coast derby girls practices these last few weeks and at the end of the month all the rookies will get put onto teams. drafted like! tasha is back, and since there weren't teams yet when she was involved back when it started, she's considered a rookie. but she doesn't skate like one!! lizzy is a derby girl too, she's been with it for a while, and it's fun for all of us to go to practice together and do shit. i'm not such a good skater yet, but i'm practicing and getting better. there's gonna be "mud fest" coming up, with pudding wrestling and a kissing booth. i just want to take photos! and skate of course.
my new house rules. i live with lizzy and adam 2000, and their dogs pam and yuri. i'm in the basement, but it's finished and i have my own real kitchen down here plus a bathroom and a darkroom (???i know!) and i just do my stuff and get to hang out with a friend when i want to. and of course play with the dogs. tonight lizzy got white slippers that matched pam. pam's a little dog, a maltese.

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Chris said...

you're doing roller derbY!!! i'm moving there. the beer cans on the coffee table inspired me.