Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ahhh... miami!! got back late last night, it was rad. radder than i thought miami was going to be, but i didn't have high hopes besides a bikini parade-which it was. the convention was great, saw alot of work, heard some great speakers, and looked at alot of new equipment. looking at the work of the other convention goers was good, made me think alot about my own work... areas where i need to push myself, things that i need to do better, and ideas that just MAY BE interesting and unique to me! i did a bad job at showing my own work, at open portfolio showing and portfolio review opportunities. partly because i brought 3 bodies of work, one of which (cambodian landmine museum) is more or less finished and 3 1/2 years old , the other (sugar mountain) has sort of reached it's end or changed it's direction, and the 3rd, my tree stuff, is super "work in progress" and only has a few pieces and they're not really where i want the project to go. i think... so i did a dumb thing and didn't show it to anyone. but my mom and i had a great time, walking around with j. seely from wesleyan connecticut and eating great food.
here's something i've been doing since i moved back, panoramas. i've been working through the buildings on campus, my favorite was the beadle center's green house. it was so warm and green in there, nice especially since outside it was cold and grey. and everyone in the building was so nice to me, but they always are:) i even got lunch at one of the dorms! here's a green house pano i like.
everyone at the spe convention had a computer, and everyone was walking around the hotel with their laptops looking for a wireless signal. that, in addition to how busy we were, didn't give me any chance to check my email. and my inbox is LOADED! most strangely, a message from someone in sf who i was very close to. i guess it's strange cuz he decided that we shouldn't say goodbye or anything, and desired an end to all communication. sometimes i have fond thoughts of our time together and miss him, but other times i get angry about our relationship. it would appear that someone would like to open up a dialog about the future, or something, i don't know. it's a shock because i honestly didn't think i'd ever hear from him again. i'm gonna have to sit with this one for a few days, just in case you're reading...

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