Wednesday, March 28, 2007

gosh, so much happened over the weekend, i don't know where to start. biggest news, gang green vs. hood ratz at pershing! the first derby bout of the season, tons of people were there, the teams were ready to kill, and it was a great time. i took photos and a little video, and had power difficulties the whole time. i about pulled my hair out it was so frustrating. but, i think i have a few photos that'll work. the hood ratz won, they were fast and vicious, and gang green played very well, keeping up and continually scoring points the whole time. afterwards, derby girls and fans went to duffy's and everyone got riled up and it got crazy. let's just say that. at the bout, people threw beer, there were fights, huge hits and firey crashes, spectacular jammers and massive points. hood ratz had grillz, gang green had their own trading cards, the photographer had pink lame hot pants...
but before the bout and the costumes and the fights, we have to practice. this is pershing auditorium without all that stuff, just a taped off track.

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