Sunday, April 29, 2007

today it was hot hot hot. where did spring go? winter was kicking my ass, and then it rained and now it's smoking hot? naw, can't be. all my plants are sort of dying, lame. someone said it was 95 out. now they're certainly dead.
i'm cranky today, maybe had something to do with having food poisening all night long and not getting good sleep. i did not want to go to practice AT ALL today, but i did anyways, and those fish sticks at the rink didn't turn on the ac, so i was sweating before we even started stretching. the whole time i wanted to throw up, my helmet was just soaked with sweat, and my chest just hurt. my dad thinks i may have fractured a rib, and there's nothing you can do about that. lame lame.
these two pics are from my last visit with my parents at carmel ca. they look so nice and cool now. dang i miss sf.

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