Tuesday, May 29, 2007

long weekend

so last weekend was a big one, we had our championship bout on saturday, so i did my pre-bout meditation all day. that means i did nothing and thought of nothing. if i would start to think about the bout, i'd say things like, "you're going to get hit really hard tonight, it's going to really hurt." then i'd get nervous and worried and feel sick. so i took a nap in the back yard, stayed in my jammies all day, and ate like a pig. and it worked, i didn't get nervous, even 30 minutes up until the bout when we're warming up and tweedle dip and tweedle shit tried to raz me, i was like whatever and took it easy. and i didn't get hurt, besides the fat lip i got from taking one of the tweedles out hard, yesss. but alas, the mkm had to give their 06 championship trophy to the hood ratz, it was a good game, and i'm happy to say it was a close game. the next morning i had to get to columbia missouri to assist a friend from sf who flew out to photograph a wedding, for some reason i though it would take me 3 1/2 hours to get there. wrong, it's 6. but that's cool, i made some dough and got to hang out with traci for a bit. the bride and groom live in sf, but she went to school in columbia, so for one reason or another they got married in columbia. tons of young hip successful people flew in from all over, including ireland, and watching everyone dance made me feel the pain of leaving sf. i felt the separation widening, the choice to move to the midwest, and that intangible west coastness taunting me. as we stood outside getting ready to leave, a bunch of guys who wanted to talk to traci (she's irresistible) crowded around. they're all drunk and trying to impress us with their camera knowledge, saying things like "180 3.5, what do you think of that? yeah." "i'm old school & i use 44mm, you've probably never heard of it." and other such embarrassing statements which were oddly aggressive when you think about how they're trying to get their audience to like them. and you couldn't talk with them, or correct them, or argue with them, i could barely hold my vomit in. i got over any ideas of how cool the crowd was about then. we went to an after party where this girl told me about how her friend wanted a pair of baby goats to walk down the isle at her wedding. the girl bought two pygmy goats and tried to train them to walk in a straight path for two months before the wedding in her sf backyard. she said they cried all the time and the police came, and when the wedding happened for the friend, the goats just ate the floral decorations. now that i think of it, that's a pretty amazing story and could be a tall tale. but it passed the time. then yesterday there was this huge crazy parade in front of the hotel in columbia with the biggest flag i've ever seen, the only one bigger is taht one on west o at the gas station. so i watched that, and then drove the long drive home, and took some pictures.

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