Monday, May 21, 2007

the mooney suzuki

here's some photos of the mooney suzuki when they came to town, finally getting them up.
this weekend was crazy, so many birthdays and derby promo things. rode a bull, washed a car, drank waaaaay too much lately; this will be followed by a somber and sober period of reflection. but since i found my planner/journal after losing it for a few weeks, i won't be lonely. i can write bad poetry about sorrowful hearts and all that. god, i think i've been crying alot too, even untanked. lame.
i've been getting alot of emails from dudes i don't want to talk to lately, and they keep on writing even when i don't respond. dang it!you know, i just want to email and say "i don't have time for you" "i don't know you" "i wish i didn't know you" "i don't care" or something nicer, but even nicer will sound bad and bitchy. but you can't write a nice email, then they think you two have a thing going. and that's not what we want.
oh, and i DID NOT have a hot date this weekend, so much for all my bragging.
it's 3 in the morning, and i'm just kind of sad. i wish i was a more responsible friend to my people, i wish i was more responsible, i want this week to go well.

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Chris said...

sorry about all the harrassing emails. happy birthday!!!