Monday, June 04, 2007

adam and lizzy had a special visitor today, a vacuum cleaner salesman! guess how much that thing costs? almost three thousand dollars! and when they said they weren't going to get one, on ANY of payment plans he suggested, he had to call his boss. and he's talking with his boss on his cell phone going, "i know, i know, i guess i'll ask them! so you think $2650 is too much to pay for your HEALTH?" and "wouldn't you like to get rid of all the FILTH in your house?". dude would not leave. then adam's poker buddies started to come over, and adam and lizzy are like, "well thank you for the demonstration, but we have guests coming over now, so uh, sorry." and he goes, "no, no, that's fine, it's your house." and i almost expected him to say, "FULL OF FILTH." i can't imagine a more depressing job, maybe pulling silk out of a silk worm like all those orphaned children, or having to do that poop gland thing that dog groomers of little dogs have to do. ugh, those two jobs are nastily similar.
adam, after i took some glamour shots of him, now he's thinking about buying a $3000 vacuum. laughing.

taura taura, how does your garden grow?
my bean plants popping up.

my little pepper plants that i started from seed, with some unenthusiastic basil plants next to them. grow dangit.

protection for the plants from the animals. i miss yuri. bark yuri bark!

the purple plant i brought with me from sf, it had 3 little blossoms. it's doing great, just like me.

the peonies, which got hit by the frost and never bloomed.

my dad in the studio space that i'm getting downtown. it's the back corner one with the big windows facing north and east, a little out of the way, but it will do just fine. i can meet clients there, shoot, work on my stuff, chill, etc, it's gonna be AWESOME when things get rolling. can't wait.

my mom and dad had a garage sale last saturday, on friday night i sorted and priced things with my mom. by the end of the garage sale the next afternoon we were drinking beer, playing records, and pretending to know how to ballroom dance in the rain.

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