Wednesday, June 20, 2007


shizzam, pam got drunk!
her mom and dad left a mudslide on the table, and little pammy got up on the table, put her nose in the glass, and drank until she was all wobbly. the three of us (adam, lizzy and i) were elsewheres when this occurred, and lizzy was feeling terrible in her new role as a bad mom. but i must say, it was pretty funny to watch the pam be stumblable, though she looked like shit. we tried to make her drink water, but baby will be hung over. i know how you feel pam.
last week at my grandma edna's, i was doing something in the garden for her, and jammed a rose thorn into my finger. it was all swollen and nar nar for a bit, but now it's just turned into a hard ball at the joint. what could it be? bursitis was my first very uncorrect guess, i better not get any more curious about it or else i'll let pam take my scalpel to it. just to see what's inside and say a dog did surgery on me. time to go to bed i guess.
ps-this is not a photo of us trying to sober pammy up, this is bath-time.

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